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a Northern Blue-tongue eye
b Growling Grass Frog - Litoria raniformis
c Thick-tailed Gecko - Underwoodisaurus milli
d Spider-hunting Scorpion - Isometroides vescus
e Mallee Wolf Spider - Lycosidae
f Green Mallee Mantis - Sphodropoda dentifrons
g Pink-jawed Katydid
h Sydney Funnelweb - Atrax robustus
i Thorny Devil - Moloch horridus
j Spotted Predatory Katydid - Chlorobalius leucoviridis
k Purple-winged Mantis - Tenodera australasiae
l Green Tiger Beetle - Megacephala australis
m Northern Death Adder - Acanthophis praelongus
n Garden Snail - Cantareus aspersus
o Mississippi Alligator - Alligator mississippiensis
p Badge huntsman - Neosparassus species
q Cape Tribulation Snail - Noctepuna mayana
r Rainforest Centipede - Ethmostigmus rubripes
s Green Jumping Spider - Mopsus mormon
t Triangular Spider - Arkys species
u Stoney Creek Frog - Litoria jungguy
v Robberfly
w iridescent fly

All images © Alan Henderson