Published Work

Published material using images by Alan Henderson


Minibeasts: True Rulers of Our World and the Key to Our Survival
Alan Henderson
Exisle Publishing
All images

Native Bees2018
A Guide to Native Bees of Australia
Terry Houston
CSIRO Publishing
Mellitidia bee images (including upper cover image)

Spidentify – Australian spider identification app
Minibeast Wildlife
Producer/Over 200 spider images

Top End2017
A Guide to Wildlife and Protected Areas of the Top End
Lindley McKay – Environment Centre NT
Numerous invertebrate species images

Golden Bell frog Gold coin2017
$100 Green & Golden Bell Frog 1oz Gold Proof
The Perth Mint

Golden Bell frog silver coin

Green and Golden Bell Frog 1oz Silver Proof
The Perth Mint

Death Adder coin - Photography by Alan Henderson2016
Australia’s Death Adder – 1oz Silver Proof Coin
The Perth Mint

Discovery Publishing
Numerous species images, full page and feature images

Melbourne Zoo2015
Banners and zoo graphics
Melbourne Zoo
Various banners and graphic panels

Wildlife of the World DK2015
Wildlife of the World
DK Publishing
Sydney Funnelweb image

Bullant coin - Photography by Alan Henderson2015
Australian Bull Ant – 1oz Silver Proof Coin
The Perth Mint

Bullant cover2014
Red Bull Ant Philatelic Numismatic Cover (PNC)
Royal Australian Mint

Scorpion coin - Photography by Alan Henderson2014
Spider Hunting Scorpion 1oz Silver Proof
The Perth Mint

Melbourne Museum banner - katydid image by Alan Henderson 2014
Rathdowne St Melbourne,
Melbourne Museum
8m x 2m katydid street-side banner

The Great Australian Fly2014
The Great Australian Fly – Documentary ABC TV
360 Degree Films
Various macro images within film

Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide app
Suzanne Clark – Ecolinc
Numerous invertebrate images

A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia
David Rentz – CSIRO Publishing
Numerous species images

Animal earth2013
Animal Earth – The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures
Ross Piper -Thames & Hudson Ltd
Nematomorph images

Plants of MWP2012
Plants of Melbourne’s Western Plains
A Gardener’s Guide to the Original Flora
Australian Plants Society
Fat-tailed Dunnart image


Thorny dragon2012
The Thorny Dragon
Heinemann Publications (US)
Inside cover, internal image

MV field guide

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna
Museum Victoria
Numerous species images

A Guide to the Katydids of Australia
David Rentz – CSIRO Publishing
Numerous species images

Stick and leaf insects2009
The Complete Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia
Paul Brock and Jack Hasenpusch – CSIRO Publishing
Various images in introductory chapter

Spiders: Learning to Love Them
Lynne Kelly – Allen & Unwin
Numerous spider images

Bugs Alive cover - images by Alan Henderson2007
Bugs Alive A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates
Alan Henderson, Deanna Henderson, Jessie Sinclair – Museum Victoria
All invertebrate images within

Most Extreme bugs2007
The Most Extreme Bugs
Animal Planet – Discovery Channel (US)
Grey Tiger Beetle

Melb wildlife2006
Melbourne’s Wildlife: A Field Guide to the Fauna of Greater Melbourne
Museum Victoria and CSIRO Publishing
Numerous species images

Bugs Alive exhibition2004
Bugs Alive! Exhibition
Melbourne Museum
Wall graphics, all species labels, website images, printed and promotional materials.

Freshwater crayfish2003
Freshwater Crayfish From Around the World
Chris Lukhaup – Dahne Verlag (Germany)
Australian crayfish (Engaeus) images

Spiders and scorpions2003
Spiders and Scorpions Commonly Found in Victoria
Ken Walker, Alan Yen & Graham Milledge – Museum Victoria
Numerous species images – rear cover image

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